Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling Will Chicken

This is an assignment from the handwork program at RSC to crochet an animal puppet without a pattern. This assignment is for third graders. At first we wanted to name her Sabastian Bock, but she is a girl so David named her Rose Hip. You just start and feel your way through it. I was shocked that I did this with very little thought or brain effort. All the time I've sat talking and watching this beautiful bird was living inside my fingers. Thanks for taking the photos David!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Projects from Rudolf Steiner College Handwork Program

These are the projects we made to be brought to first through third graders. We made our own knitting needles(first grade) and spindle, so fun. All this wool is plant dyed wool. Of course I made two gnomes. I couldn't come home with just one, my boys wouldn't have approved. These two gnomes are my Sanguine and Phlegmatic ones, air and water. I need to dye some red wool so I can make the Choleric (fire). The blues for the Melancholic (earth). The flute case (which you can learn your times tables on, eventually), rainbow ball and baby bunting were the first we knitted. The horse was fun because of the dividing line (purl) down the back to the top of the head. The jump rope was double finger knitting. I also learned from another student Mari how to finger crochet!
Still have a few other projects to finish up for these grades and invent a few too. Working hard on my sewing basket now, so that I can start everything more organized.
So much more to it than could be explained in written text, hope this all doesn't give the illusion of what we bring to the children as being simple. It is fun to learn, yes! But, every little thing the teacher does along with each project has a deeper purpose in the process of developing the heart, mind and spirit of the child.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Plant Dyeing at Rudolf Steiner College

I am enrolled in the Handwork Program at the RSC in Fair Oaks. One of the amazing things we did this summer is plant dye wool and silks. This was the second time I'd done this and love it. It was especially great doing it with such great classmates and teacher. It was a bit chaotic with all the people and wool going in and out. I didn't have as much to dye as most people though, so keeping track of mine was pretty easy. We used Osage, Brazilwood, logwood, Madder Root, Black Walnut, Cutch, Indigo, Marigold, and Coreopsis. Can't wait to do this with students and for student someday. Having there materials so rich and beautiful all from plants is beautiful. It seems to radiate that energy while you knit/crochet.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring 2011 is here! Wet and Cold, but here at last.

Here are a bunch of happenings that inspiration is fueling.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madrone Trail Charter School May Faire!

What a wonderful way to spend May Faire! This was my first craft show in Oregon, off to a great start. Feeling more inspired than ever to be in such a great community. Can't wait to do the next show with new stuff. Getting the inventory I had out after it being in storage for many months felt fresh. Thank you to all the people who gave loving homes to my gnomes and faeries.
blessed be!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Advent Elf

This is Efa the Advent Elf. I sewed as the days flew to Christmas. I just got around to finishing her hands. Next year I think I'll put little notes in each pocket... like "bake cookies today!", " tell me a special story", "lets go to park", "lets make gifts!".

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Tree Angel/Fairy

I took one of my kids baby blankets and cut a small hole in it, about a inch and a half. I sewed the doll head in and added arms by also making tiny cuts in the blanket and sewing the hands in. I had these two beautiful white feathers that a good friend gave me years ago and so they finally got a greater purpose. Wings. My son said he was very upset that the angel doesn't have a magic wand....I am working on it! I took some cotton pipe cleaner and wrapped it with that shiny fiber stuff (sold for needle felting in wool) for the halo.

Lumpy Snake

Christmas is coming! Time to make gifts. This is a snake I made some time ago out of old knee high socks that all had holes. You could easily find socks at a thrift store or free box. Just cut off the foot part and sew them together, I stuffed the inside as I went.
Another way is to crochet or knit in a round all your left over ends and scraps. When we have a party with tons of kids it is almost certain that their will be about 4 to 5 little ones training Lumpy all over the place!

Doll making class

I just finished a doll making class with a local waldorf pre-school teacher and doll maker. I was so surprised to see how my boys took to these babies. They are so cute with them! One day I was expecting to find them getting into something, because they were so quiet. I walked into the room and they both had all the blankets and pillows around them holding their baby with the calmest sweetest looks on their faces. It went on for long enough to do the dishes, wow!
It is such a wonderful thing to appreciate people getting together and doing handwork, especially when it's for a child. I am so glad to be in such a community.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beginning A New!

We have all moved away from the South West just in time! Our allergies are gone and salt water back into our bones.
I have a new office/studio and can't wait to start creating new stuff. As winter approaches, the candles will light and work will begin. Blessings while we all store our nuts for the winter.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daisy Gnome

Here is a little Daisy Gnome, I sold her quite some time ago at a craft fair. I hope she is well wherever she is. She is all Needle felted wool.

Birthday Crown

Waldorf style birthdays usually have a birthday crown and I had seen several. So, this year I made one for my sons. Each match but are different colors. Zane's Birthday comes first so here are his pics, next will be David in his green one. They are made out of wool felt and then I embroidered the Zia symbol on them (the Zia symbol is the New Mexico State symbol) to tell where they were born. I got this idea from a fellow friend and crafter. I was going to put their zodiac symbol and more things on them too, but they looked so simple and beautiful like this, plus who has the time to embroider a ram and a bull? I did make them adjustable, each year I'll just put a different size elastic through... so they can wear them til' they are 18.... hee heee hee. I sewed a cotton back to them, so as to not itch and cover up the underside of the embroidery. Oh, and I guess I should mention it is all hand sewn without machine.
Eventually it would be nice to embroider their birth date and time on the inside with their names.

Needle Felted Bunnies

I made this tiny little bunny for my mom's friend who makes miniatures etc. I have never before needle felted anything this small (the size of an egg), it was much harder than doing it larger. It came out so cute, we ordered the miniature baskets from Magic Cabin and used this one for the itsy bisty colored wool eggs. Also the other bunny I made for my sons for Easter.
Here comes Peter Cottontail!

Easter Tree

My son made this tree in his pre-school. It is the most beautiful thing for the table at Easter/Spring. His teachers made the precious little chicks out of wool, which he named piou piou for the sound they make.

leaves sweater

I finally finished this sweater. I started it 2 years ago, took it apart three times and drove myself a bit more crazy. This pattern comes out of the Crochet Me book. Important! There is errata in this pattern and you have to get on the internet and find the corrections! I used some #2 wool superwashed yarn from knit picks and an E hook to get the gauge right. It needs to be washed and ironed, but it is done. Just in time for this spring fairy to do a little song and dance.